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OmniMove MobileForms construction

The most complete app platform for construction companies

OmniMove MobileForms is an app platform for construction companies to support the construction process.

OmniMove MobileForms is used as a digital platform / mobile inspection at;

  • Infra
  • Civil engineering
  • Utilitity
  • Housing construction
  • Maintenance/ service

Due to the simple use and the great flexibility, hundreds of forms have already been developed for construction. The building process can be optimally supported by the OmniMove MobileForms platform.

The 3 step plan

Step 1 Configure your form(s)

Configure your form with different functions and the report in your own layout. Connections with other systems can also be made here. Such as Relatics, SharePoint, Document Management systems, Maximo or other systems.

The inspections / tasks are automatically assigned with the sending function to the inspector (s). It is also possible to enter forms without an assignment.

You can add changes yourself or add new forms (for example extra inspections). With OmniMove MobileForms it is possible to make every paper mobile and digital. With OmniMove MobileForms your building process is optimally supported.

A few examples

  • Timesheets
  • Security
  • Quality forms
  • Work order app
  • Incident forms
  • Forms for maintenance inspection
  • Project start-up form
  • Expenditure forms
  • Forms before visit
  • FTTH (Fiber to the Home) PoP acceptance forms
  • FTTH inspection forms
  • Site survey
  • Pre-delivery
  • Delivery forms
  • Presence forms
  • Inspection of the workplace
  • Day report
  • NEN forms
  • NEN 2767
  • LMRA inspections
  • ZKM forms


Step 2 Fill in your form



The inspector fills out the form on a telephone, tablet or notebook. Such as inspection results, comments, photos, sketches, notes and digital signatures. Once the form has been completed, it will be automatically sent to the web portal

Step 3 Reporting


Reporting of photo(s) and pdf(s)

The data is sent fully automatically to the web portal for further analysis, mailed in its own PDF layout or with a web service automatically sent to another system.

With the API / datasource connector, connections with Relatics, SharePoint, Document Management Systems, Maximo and other systems have been realized.

The information such as completed forms, track and trace, photos can now be viewed easily.
If a form needs to be authorized, it can be released by the main executor or main quality department.


OmniMove MobileForms projects;

- Rotterdamse Baan


- Uithoflijn

- Twentekanalen


- Bus bridge Zwolle

- Kamperlijn

- Hanzeweg Deventer

- N18 Varsseveld


- Harselaar Barneveld

- Parking garage Wijchen


- OV Saal

- PVT 't Gooi


- N33

- N366 Ter Apel

- Randweg Zuid Born

- A12 Poort van Bunnik

- A15

- A27 Poort van Flevoland

- CIBOOR Haarlem


- N421 verbindingsweg - Houten A12 

- Cadicom

- RWG terminal

- Stadstuin Overtoom

- De Bol

- Poptahof

- A2

- A4

- A28

- A74

- Hospital Erasmus MC

- Hospital Isala klinieken


- Tweede Coentunnel

- St. Gotthard basistunnel

- Gate Terminal

- Sluizen Limburg

- Ekkersrijt

- Hanzelijn

- Heumen

- Schiphol

BAM / JC Decaux Operation Big Bang


Replacement of nearly two thousand Abri's and information panels (Mupis) replaced by new ones.


After winning a tender, JCDecaux rapidly replaced all 1500 Abri's and 450 Mupis in the capital with new models. A challenging operation, because Amsterdam has the highest density of public transport stops in the world. In addition, the infrastructure of the capital with its narrow streets, canals and bridges limits freedom of movement.

Complicate proces

Especially the replacement of tram stops brings complications. Traffic on the tram track must not be blocked and the high-voltage cables and guy wires may only be disconnected from the electricity grid at night. JCDecaux has therefore been busy for two years preparing and storing new furniture.

Solution OmniMove MobileForms

BAM used OmniMove MobileForms with an inspection app to support this process.

  • Orders from JCDecaux are read into the OmniMove MobileForms with the data source connector
  • The work teams automatically receive the correct assignments for the placement
  • Different checks are made depending on the type of object
  • During the placement, different photos are taken from fixed positions
  • Automatically save the GPS coordinates
  • The reporting data can be viewed on the web portal
  • All placements and positions can be viewed in Google Maps with all the details of the placement
  • Automatic mail with placement report in PDF as an attachment
  • Inspection results are automatically mailed to JCDecaux

Discovery Channel has visualized the entire process: from the design of the Abri's to the production, the planning and the replacement itself. (see the impression video below)


Then take advantage of the OmniMove MobileForms trial offer! We are offering you two months use of MobileForms, including instruction.

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