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MobileForms: flexible forms for field operations


With MobileForms from OmniMove, field operations become much more efficient. You no longer need to enter handwritten notes into the system at the office. With MobileForms, you can generate your own mobile forms / mobile apps. With your mobile device (Android / iPhone / iPad / Smartphone / PDA / Tablet / Notebook) you can fill in the data straightaway during a meeting, visit, or inspection!

You can generate any form quickly and easily, which can be used both with and without internet. Never before have meeting notes, inspections, appraisals, market reports, visit reports, timesheets, order forms, applications, and surveys been so digital! Read here for more about OmniMove MobileForms.


Ideal for any business that uses worksheets for its assignments.

The OmniMove Fieldforce application has been especially developed for such businesses. It processes and digitises the paper flows in your organisation simply and efficiently. Read here for more about OmniMove Fieldforce


For any business that sells articles to customers who are often on the move.

For these businesses, we have developed OmniMove Orderforce. With Orderforce, customers can place orders using their mobile device with the greatest of ease. Read here for more about OmniMove Orderforce


For any business in the fashion industry.

This mobile application has been specifically developed for the fashion industry (measurements, colours, prepacks, collections, etc.). With Fashionforce, you can place all your orders quickly and simply while you are on the move.

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Ideal for any business with specific needs.

We can make effective custom-made solutions for companies whose mobile applications have to meet specific demands.

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