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With more then 2.500 different solutions and more then 5.000.000 proccessed forms is OmniMove MobileForms MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) suitable in all branches where a paper form is used.

In the next branches OmniMove is in use:


BESIX Group is the largest Belgium construction company, an Industrial group of companies active in the construction-  and real estate branch. The group was founded in 1909 and made an impressive growth.

The group has 18.000 employees in 17 countries and 4 continents.

OmniMove MobileForms is used at the projects for mobile inspections; A2(Combination Dodo), Ekkersrijt, GateTerminal, Tweede Coentunnel, Sluizen Limburg, Project Heumen and the Amazone (Port of Rotterdam).

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Royal BAM Group nv is a successful European construction group and unites operating companies in five home markets with the administrative centre in the Netherlands and listed at Euronext Amsterdam. BAM is active in the sectors construction and mechanical and electrical services, civil engineering, property and public private partnerships.

The Group ranks among the largest companies in Europe. BAM has top market positions in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. One of BAM's prominent features is its widespread regional network of offices, meaning that the company is always close to its clients. BAM offers its clients various substantial packages of products and services in the home markets. The Group undertakes specialist construction and civil engineering projects in niche markets worldwide.

With around 21,500 employees, BAM is responsible for the implementation of thousands of projects every year. Some are spectacular (due to their size or technical complexity), but many others are more modest construction contracts.

OmniMove MobileForms is used at the projects; OV SAAL, Schiphol, Twentekanalen, JC Decaux (Opratie Big Bang in Amsterdam), Gemeente Amsterdam, Bloemenveiling, Tata Steel, Infra A4, Utiliteit nieuwbouw Isala klinieken, Erasmus MC, Poort van Bunnik and BAM infratechniek.

OmniMove MobileForms is used at Cadicom,A2 overkapping, Schiphol, Tweede Coentunnel, Hanzelijn, A28 and A74.

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Coentunnel Company consists of seven partners - seven parties that proved a perfect match in terms of knowledge, quality and reliability. Together, they determine the course of the professional and decisive team, which has enough power to successfully manage a major project such as this, both in financial and technical terms - and from design to delivery. Now and also in 2037.

OmniMove MobileForms is used for the quality inspections . 

The world's longest rail tunnel (57 km) right through the Gotthard Massif in Switzerland is intended to reduce the journey time from Zurich to Milan by one hour.

OmniMove MobileForms is used at the mobile quality inspections and is interfaced with Relatics.


OmniMove MobileForms is used by the interviewers at the construction site.

Other customers / projects in the construction branche;

Service / Inspection

BAM Infra Nederland has a flat organisational structure with four business units. BAM Infra Multidisciplinary Contracts is responsible for projects worth more than thirty million euros. The local markets are served through BAM Infra Regions. BAM Infra Connect – which includes BAM Infra Telecom, BAM Infra Energy & Water and BAM Infra Rail - works mainly for network managers and for providers and cable companies. One of the largest engineering firms in the Netherlands, BAM Infraconsult collects all the acquired knowledge and is active both in the Netherlands and abroad.

OmniMove MobileForms MEAP is used at several projects for maintenance, incidents and asset management like Tata steel with an interface to Maximo.

For more than 45 years, Life Fitness has been dedicated to creating fitness solutions that benefit both facilities and exercisers. The mission to keep people active started with the Lifecycle exercise bike and continues with the widest range of cardio, strength and group training products in the fitness industry.

OmniMove MobileForms is used  by the service engineers in the Benelux, Spain, UK,Germany, Austria, Suisse and Italy. OmniMove has an interface with Exact.

Loading Systems Group has been one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial doors and loading bay equipment for over 50 years. The products and services are distributed throughout Europe, the Middle and Far East by 11 Loading Systems offices and a network of more than 40 authorised distributors.

OmniMove MobileForms is used by the service engineers at the Benelux, UK, France, Germany and Poland. OmniMove has an interface with Infor / BAAN. 

Sales / Marketing

J. van Zanten Ltd. is a family business that dates back to the late 50s. In the past providing for a growing need for personal care products formed the basis of our organisation. Now we are one of the biggest suppliers in the Netherlands in the field of jewellery, hair accessories, toiletries, and various other fashionable products.

Over the years our collections and products have grown with the demands and wishes of our clients. We capitalise on the trends that determine high street fashion. Quality, dependability, fashion & design are at the heart of our organisation. We closely follow trends and translate them into a fun, trendy, and accessible collection for all women and of all ages.

Aside from carrying out a wholesale function we have also been employing a strong international team of visual merchandisers for the past 15 years. This team communicates with over 1700 outlets in 7 different countries.

OmniMove MobileForms is used by the service merchandisers. 

Security / Facility

Securitas is the leading international security company specialising in Protective Services based on people, technology and knowledge.

From a broad range of services including specialised guarding, technology solutions, consulting and investigations, Securitas customise offerings that are suited to the individual customer’s needs, in order to deliver the most effective security solutions. Everywhere from small stores to airports, the 300,000 employees are making a difference.

OmniMove MobileForms is used by Securitas by several customers for:

  • Inspections
  • Graffitireports
  • Audits
  • Damage reports
  • Incident forms
  • Issue equipment
  • Control fire equipment
  • Facilitity management
  • Human Resources

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Other customers in the security / facility branche;

Interview OmniMove MobileForms by Securitas.


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