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Special trial offer

OmniMove MobileForms: a complete app platform

Try how easy it can be to improve the efficiency of your mobile operations within your company.

So your company can experience the advantages of mobile forms without making significant investment, we are now able to offer you  30 days OmniMove MobileForms (incl. training)

  • Your work order, quotation, inspection or other application as an app
  • PDF layout in your current layout / corporate identity
  • Download the app easily in the Play or App store
  • Free support / hosting
  • Your own environment on the web portal
  • OmniMove is a web-based cloud solution (so no investments in your own hardware)
  • User management
  • Create and change forms yourself
  • Webforms
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • Report overviews web portal
  • Track and trace of users and forms
  • Email reporting
  • (S) FTP access and / or Web services
  • API / Datasource connector csv, xla or xml
  • Full functionality of the OmniMove MobileForms App Platform (so no extra credits if you use more functions)

Fill in the form below now to take advantage of this offer.

* This applies for special projects at the discretion of OmniMove Mobile Solutions B.V.


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