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API / Datasource connector

You can use the OmniMove MobileForms independently, but it is also possible to connect to other systems. With the API / Datasource connector.


  • 1 central database
  • No need to retype
  • Faster invoicing
  • Faster reporting

Integration with other systems is possible with:

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • XML
  • Webservices (SOAP, JSON)
  • SFTP (Secure File Tranfer Protocol) 

The API / Datasource connector is a standard component in OmniMove MobileForms platform.

Examples of the different data from other systems:

  • Article information
  • Customer information
  • Order details
  • Object details
  • Inspections
  • Billing information

If the web services of the other system support this, we can retrieve and send all data that is supported by the other software.

The data can be retrieved in the app with the API / Datasource connector. The data can also be used offline in the app. Through our selection with filter option in the app, it is also possible to use larger selections. This shows only the data that meets the search criteria.

With the API / Datasource connector it is also possible to immediately process the entered data in the app in the back office system. Without retyping your data processed immediately (the invoice is created immediately!)

Thanks to the open architecture of the platform, we can also connect with other systems.

OmniMove has already created connections with the software below.




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