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OmniMove brings the structure of forms and the speed of e-mail together in MobileForms: tailor-made digital forms that can be completed and sent by mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows notebook, Tablet, Phone). 

With MobileForms, you can configure your own enterprise app, with your mobile device you can fill in the information straightaway during a meeting, visit, or inspection! At the heart of this application developed specifically for field operations is the integration of mobile systems with existing operational processes.

Want to know more about how this works in practice?


Ecowater with OmniMove MobileForms ready for the digital revolution!

Paper in the workplace is currently being replaced at a rapid pace by smartphones or tablets. Ecowater is the market leader in water softeners.

Ecowater has a team of professional service engineers for private individuals and industry for the maintenance of these devices. The company is convinced of the digital revolution and has decided to use tablets.


Ecowater was looking for a solution to replace their outdated PDA solution and paperwork. With the necessary experience and ideas, the applications (without training) are fully configured by the customer.


Service engineers are equipped with a Samsung Tab Activ tablet with OmniMove MobileForms delivered via our Belgian partner Bluefields.

OmniMove MobileForms is linked to:

  • Ortec planning
    • customers can make their appointments 24/7 in the schedule, view and are automatically informed in a timely manner about their appointment
    • route optimization for the service engineers
  • ERP Back-office system of  Ecowater


  • With the necessary experience and ideas, the applications (without training) are fully configured by the customer. With new ideas, these are applied immediately in the app, which saves Ecowater a lot of expensive custom work.
  • Ecowater now has multiple applications and is used by more than 40 service engineers and has a total of 60 users.
  • More reliable information because it is delivered in a very structured way and specifically tailored to the Ecowater process Being able to analyze, communicate and report the various applications more easily.
  • Flexible to use, Ecowater can create and configure its own apps and can thus quickly respond to wishes and requirements from users and the market.
  • More user-friendly than paper forms.
  • Save time due to less administration.
  • More efficiency of the processes. 


  • Work order
  • Request quote
  • Installation documents
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Returns
  • Incident reports
  • Order forms for Tools, Consumables, Documents, Folders
  • Stock change forms
  • Vehicle damage form



Houtman Electrotechniek

Jacco heeft altijd al twee rechterhanden gehad. Hij was vroeger ook al echt met draden bezig en schema’s te maken. Hij is trots op wat hij nu heeft bereikt. Hij is voor zichzelf begonnen en heeft nu een goedlopende business. Hij vindt zijn werk zo leuk dat hij gemotiveerd en met energie thuis. Van ‘yes!’ wat een mooie en geweldige dag. Hij is direct vanaf het begin met zijn bedrijf gestart met InformerOnline. Informer werkt volgens hem handig, is makkelijk te bedienen en ook makkelijk te controleren voor de boekhouder.


Jacco deed zijn werkbonnen in eerste instantie allemaal met de hand. Deze werkbonnen voerde hij allemaal in de avond met de hand in InformerOnline in en dat was behoorlijk tijdrovend. 


OmniMove Werkbon - Inspectie app  gekoppeld aan Informer Online.


  1. De Werkbon wordt gelijk in de OmniMove MobileForms app bij de klant ingegeven.
  2. Als de klant al bekend is in Informer Online, wordt de klant geselecteerd in de app anders worden de gegevens zoals naam, adres ingevuld en wordt de klant automatisch aangemaakt in Informer Online.
  3. De Werkbon wordt verder ingevuld met de werkzaamheden eventueel aangevuld met een foto.
  4. De klant zet zijn handtekening voor akkoord. 
  5. De Werkbon wordt verzonden de klant ontvangt een mail met de werkbon als PDF bijlage.
  6. Tegelijk wordt er automatisch een factuur aangemaakt in Informer Online en hoeft de Werkbon niet opnieuw te worden ingegeven.
  7. De klant ontvangt automatisch vanuit Informer de factuur per mail en de administratie is gelijk up to date.


  • Besparing van 1 uur per dag
  • Snellere facturatie
  • Administratie gelijk up to date zonder fouten
  • Meldingen / storingen bij een klant zijn makkelijker terug te vinden
  • Lay-out wijzigingen en eventuele extra inspecties / aanpassingen zijn door het flexibele platform  makkelijk aan te passen
  • Geen papieren rompslomp meer



Besix and Dura Vermeer case story


OmniMove MobileForms is an application that yields many benefits in our inspection program, and has given us a rapid return on investment.

Marc Debandt, projectmanager Besix Nederland

The most important benefit from our new of working us that we now can evaluate and report inspection results much more easily and much faster.

Edwin van Groeningen head of planning Dura Vermeer


Building the largest highway roof in the Netherlands, construction consortiom, DODO, needed to efficiently collect and analyse the data from the construction inspections. They selected  OmniMove MobileForms, to provide a mobile inspection solution to replace the old paper based process.

Business Challenge

Record and analyse inspection data on a major highway construction project.


Easy-to-use and flexibly configured OmniMove MobileForms application.

Key Benefits

Provides simpler analysis, reporting and communications of quaility inspections. Allows for flexibility of mobile inspection forms. Replace manual paper forms with user-friendly mobile solution. 

Download the full case story here

OmniMove MobileForms Besix and Dura Vermeer Success Story (pdf)

Securitas case story

The main arguments to opt for OmniMove MobileForms are the simplicity and far-reaching flexibility of the solution, which enables us to configure forms in-house that can be used on mobile devices, as well as the fact that the solution can be used as a fully hosted web application.
Ari-Jan van de Bunt, Branch Manager Public Transport Securitas

Securitas is the worldwide market leader in the field of security with 300,000 employees. The company specialises in professional security solutions for homes, workplaces, and communities. The three red spheres in the logo symbolise the basic values of Securitas: integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. In the Netherlands, the company operates from its 16 regional branches and its head office in Badhoevedorp.


Quicker and proactive reporting to clients to make security work more transparent. 


Easy-to-use and flexibly configured OmniMove MobileForms.


With OmniMove MobileForms MEAP in the cloud based, Securitas can process the many daily security reports much faster and more efficiently. At the same time, the administrative workload for employees is reduced and the quality of management and client reporting increased.

Download the full case story here

OmniMove MobileForms Securitas Success Story (pdf)

Casestory Scania

The inspection process is much faster and efficiently but more important is the increase of the safety
Mike van de Hulst, security manager Scania / Securitas.


In the factory of Scania in Zwolle are more then 1500 emergency exits, technical rooms and fire equipment available. To qaurantee the safety of every item is inspected monthly by Securitas. The security partner of Scania. 


Easy-to-use and flexibly configured OmniMove MobileForms.


With OmniMove MobileForms, Securitas can process the inspection reports much faster and more efficiently. At the same time, the administrative workload for employees is reduced and the quality of management and client reporting increased.

Download the full case story here

OmniMove MobileForms Scania Success Story (Dutch) (pdf)

T-Mobile case story

After several months of practical experience, my conclusion is that we should have acquired this mobile CRM solution years ago.
Jurgen Dhollander, manager Sales Promotion T Mobile

T-Mobile Netherlands is a supplier of mobile communications for consumers and business users. The company is part of the worldwide operating T-Mobile International, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.


Improving the efficiency and measurement of Sales Promoters with a mobility solution.


Easy-to-use and flexibly configured mobile and digital forms with OmniMove MobileForms MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) in the cloud.


  • Efficiency increase by digitisation of paper flow of 400 to 500 forms per week
  • Improvement in planning and management of Sales Promotion activities
    Time savings and increased accuracy in management reporting
  • Savings on Sales Promotion materials and archiving requirements

Download the full case story here

OmniMove MobileForms T-Mobile Success Story (pdf)


Then take advantage of the OmniMove MobileForms trial offer! We are offering you two months use of MobileForms, including extensive instruction (whole day training).

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The advantages of Mobile Forms:

  • Save time.
  • Double entry of data is a thing of the past.
  • User-friendly and structured approach.
  • A flexible system: you can generate your own customised forms.
  • Forms ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Changes in your forms can be made easily.
  • You can fill in your form online and offline.




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