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Successful Service & Maintenance congres

Successful Service & Maintenance congres with more then 500 entries!

With over 500 entries was the Service & Maintenance Congress to name ( more than double last year) very successful

OmniMove gave a presentation with customer case studies on the need to constantly innovate as a company and how it is done .

Charles Darwin already said "It is not the strongest species that survive , nor the most intelligent . It is the kind that is more responsive to change "

In business this also applies especially in times of low economic cycle . Customers are very demanding and want " value for money " . Before you know it has the costs increase .

You want your businesses processes to innovate and improve your profitability . Your current IT systems are often not flexible enough to adapt to the changes in the market to absorb quickly.

Especially the Internet and the way customers want to do business with you to make those changes necessary. You notice that a large " gap" is created between the needs of your customers and the IT capabilities to achieve this.

Through this <link http: programma-smc2014 technology-track external-link-new-window>link , you have an overview of the lectures , and you can download the presentation OmniMove .

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